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Travel light, see the light, be the light.

I decided last minute that I would go to this adidas casting in New York by bus. I was in a funk in my head, I physically felt weak and my emotional frame was erratic, but one thing that moved me was my spirit. Belittling my highest faith and judgement I reacted and came with the clothes on my back, thinking theres no way my grey lilac hair would be 'acceptable'; I even booked my return bus ticket for that evening.

I realized this is the same company I shot with my faux locs and immediately respected the synchronicity I was experiencing. I received an email that they wanted me for the Pure Boost Go campaign for Monday and Tuesday, however they also wanted all of production to meet and get to know one another after fitting rehearsal the following day. Not only did I underestimated my ability, I also underestimated Adidas production team.

This is was one of my only sets I've been on in the 7 years of modeling that had majority POC talent, and the production team were also POC. This was so beautiful to see and experience as I usually am 'satisfying' the image of POC on set which comes with its own set of pressure and responsibilities. Meeting each person for their individuality and being able to get to know who you will work with, eat with, and speak with before hand was nourishing. I was able to speak to some of the leaders of the Adidas Runners group and share my ideas and passions I'd love to bring to my hometown Boston.

I hadn't been back to the city since moving back to Boston this past January and it hit me how much I missed exploring the city and catching up with loved ones. I even tried the Citibike rentals for the first time with my cousins and was hooked to the point that was my transportation to set each day, especially since funds were super tight. for 30 minutes you can ride for less than $3 and most likely get to your destination faster (no sponsorship, just genuinely sharing).

Set life was early per usual and lengthy as always lol, but the connections I made was all worth it. Below are some of the BTS of the set days and check out my campaigns and commercials to see more of what I've been up to.

Celebratory brunch with cousins Yolanda and Ariana

Shiara, Kwasi, Adam, Eve, Ty, and Stefan and I - Adidas Runners

Andre Gray- copywriter

Marcus Smith - photographer

Lauen Ashley - Adidas BOOST agent

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