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respect the fight

I having been only signed for 3 months have already landed a major campaign with Reebok for their new boxing gear. Extremely nervous to attend such a gig seeing that I remember being dressed as a baby with the most colorful 'yum-yums' or what are called Classic Freestyle Hi. I attended the Peter Welch Gym in South Boston for my first go at boxing, learning technique in hopes of executing an accurate visual of the sport.

I soon realized that I have this natural ability to move and learn quickly within the sport world and this became my advantage since height wasn't my gift. I did really well that day that they asked during set if I could come again tomorrow for their new CrossFit line. I said yes even though I knew I had absolutely no idea my abilities in CrossFit, however the set happened to be very close to my mothers home at Houghton's Pond. This was the beginning of my long term relationship with Reebok and my prominent career in the fitness modeling department.

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